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CBD Original Mix

A flavorless CBD powder additive that can easily be added to anything and rapidly dissolves in water. It’s made with our patent-pending Micro-Encapsulation process that makes the CBD more bioaccessible for your body.

Create your own CBD drink mix by adding our Original Mix powder to your pre-workout protein shake, or post-workout recovery drink.

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OLEO Flavorless Original CBD Drink Mix Jar 30x

CBD Infused Rooibos Extract Tea Mixes - Powdered CBD Drink Mixes

CBD Infused Rooibos Extract Tea Mixes – Powdered CBD Beverages

Our instant rooibos tea mixes are made from natural rooibos & black tea. Available in three delicious tropical flavors, each serving makes a soothing and healthy beverage infused with the benefits of CBD.

Add one CBD tea mix packet to 8oz of hot water and sit back and enjoy the therapeutic effects of rooibos tea and CBD.

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Coconut Mix – Powdered CBD Drink Mixes

Our Coconut CBD drink mixes are naturally loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and made from real freeze-dried coconuts. Our Coconut Mix contains no added sugars, sweeteners, colorings or preservatives.

With zero THC and no intoxicating effects, our CBD drink mixes are designed to help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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OLEO Coconut Mix Post-Workout Supplement CBD Drink Mixes

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