We created OLEO to help people enjoy life and reach their fullest physical potential. We are passionate about our mission, which is why every serving of OLEO contains superior technology and the highest quality ingredients. Better results, delicious taste, and always THC free.

engineered for active lifestyles

Whether you need recovery after running, cycling, or training, we provide a solution that meets your needs. Choose your favorite flavor, add to water, and create the perfect CBD drink.

CBD drinks are not effective unless your body can easily absorb the cannabidiol. That’s why we created a specialized process that encapsulates pure CBD into a new, water-soluble molecule. We call this ingredient OleoCBD™.


OLEO CBD Drink Mixes have high bioaccessibility

High bioaccessibility

OleoCBD™ has 2x greater bioaccessibility than regular CBD, miligram for miligram.

Other CBD

OLEO CBD Drink Mix has a high bioaccessibility

low bioaccessibility

Lower bioaccessibility means less of your desired results and a higher cost to you.

OleoCBD is water soluble making it easier to absorb


Human bodies are 50-60% water, making water-soluble supplements easier to absorb.

OleoCBD is water soluble, where other CBD is not

not water soluble

Oils are harder for humans to digest and may absorb less efficiently.

OleoCBD stays active longer in your body, leading to sustained results


OleoCBD™ stays active longer in your body, leading to sustained results.

Made by OLEO products produce stronger, longer lasting results


Regular CBD passes through your body quickly, with less absorption. This means weaker, shorter results.

We think delicious tastes start with high quality ingredients. In creating our CBD infused drink mixes we chose functional ingredients that would complement OleoCBD™. From real coconut water powder to rooibos tea extract, each product line is designed to be delicious and effective.

Our encapsulation technology masks the bitter hemp aftertaste typically found in CBD drinks. If you prefer mixing OLEO with another beverage – or simply want an instant CBD water – consider trying our CBD Original Mix.

how oleo is made

Since 2014 we have been painstakingly perfecting our patent pending process for creating micro-encapsulated cannabidiol, otherwise known as OleoCBD™. Given our commitment to ingredient sourcing, this process starts with finding the purest possible cannabidiol.

cbd extract selection

Made from U.S. grown hemp. Lab-tested to ensure zero THC content.

Micro-encapsulation process

We mix CBD and OleoBinder™ together using extremely high pressures. This causes them to bind together. The mixture is then dried into a powder.


Micro-encapulated OleoCBD™ particles are smaller than white blood cells and water-soluble — making them highly bioaccessible.

Oleo Products

We then add OleoCBD™ to our drink mixes as an active ingredient, along with other functional ingredients for additional benefits, such as rooibos extract, coconut water powder, and caffeine.