How It’s Made

OleoCBD is prepared using our patent pending process that binds cannabinoids to our proprietary binder. We start with high quality hemp extract isolate that is triple tested for quality control. We then use extremely high pressures to emulsify the hemp extract isolate with our proprietary binder. Once a stable emulsion is formed we use advanced drying technology to micro-encapsulate the hemp extract isolate into a high bioavailable, water-soluble powder form.

Particle Size Matters

Particle size has a direct impact on uptake speed, and bioavailability. The smaller the particle the better. Which is why we maintain an average particle size of less than 10 microns – 10X smaller than our competitors.

Particle Dissolution

Did you notice how OleoCBD evenly distributes as the water hits it? This results in a shelf stable product with even bioactive distribution throughout.

At first, to the naked eye, our competitors product may appear water-soluble, but under a microscope you can clearly see how the particles clump together.

Water Solubility

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators. Our product is truly cold water-soluble. We took 500mg of concentrated OleoCBD powder and our leading competitors ‘water-soluble powder’ and put them to the test.


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