Product Formulations & Technology Licensing

Product Formulations & Technology Licensing

Custom Product Formulations

Have a product idea in mind, but not the technical expertise to formulate it? We provide custom product formulations that use our patented micro-encapsulation technology. We work closely with you to design the product you want. Whether you need help with just one aspect of the product or help to make something from scratch – we’re here to help. We guarantee you’ll love the products we make for you.

Manufacture With OleoCBD

Consider using our micro-encapsulated hemp extract isolate (OleoCBD) in your products. We offer competitive bulk pricing, and we are so confident that we will set up a taste test with you. Let us prove to you that any product made with OleoCBD is better than any product made without it.

We also offer select clients the ability to use our ‘Powered by Oleo’ mark so your customers know your edible is more bioavailable, faster-acting, cold water-soluble, and is a premium quality product.

License Our Technology

We license our technology out to the cannabis industry where the market is closed, and a cannabis license is required. If you want to use our micro-encapsulated cannabinoids in the recreational market – we can help. By licensing our technology we set your facility up with all of the equipment required to conduct our process, teach your staff, and supply the required materials.

If you’re looking to just buy our water-soluble THC powder, contact us and see if we have partnered with a licensed cannabis facility in your state. Please note, our company does not handle, sell, or distribute any cannabis products. We license our technology to other companies in the recreational cannabis market, and they distribute it in that market.

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