The OLEO Advantage

The OLEO Advantage

Powered by OLEO - Contains Patented OleoCBD

OleoCBD™ (Micro-Encapsulated CBD)

Watch the video below to learn about the advantages found in products Powered by OLEO™ with OleoCBD™. Our Micro-Encapsulation process coats CBD particles in a natural binding material, which allows the CBD to dissolve easily in cold water. Our binder is comprised of a combination of natural carbohydrates.

The OLEO Advantage – OleoCBD – Renew your body, Revive your mind

Products Powered by OLEO™

Made using OleoCBD™

Regular CBD Products

Typical Oils and Isolates

High Bioaccessibility

Products Powered by OLEO™ are 2x more bioaccessible than products made with typical CBD. This means that more of our active ingredient is able to be absorbed by your body.

Low bioaccessibility

Most tinctures, gummies and capsules contain large particles of CBD that are not water-soluble. This makes them more difficult for your body absorb.

No Bitter Aftertaste

OLEO™ products have delicious flavors because we never use synthetic binder ingredients and our technology masks hemp flavor.

Bitter Aftertaste

Many hemp products have an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste.

Consistent & Reliable Dosing

With OleoCBD™ you always know exactly how much CBD you are consuming. We triple test every product to confirm potency and use good manufacturing practices to ensure safety

Inconsistent Dosing

Many CBD products lack consistency due to poor quality controls. Tincture droppers make it difficult to measure an exact dose of CBD.

High Quality Ingredients

We source our ingredients from the most reputable distributors in the US and we only use CBD from industrial hemp that is organically grown in Colorado.

May Contain Questionable Ingredients

Other CBD products and powders may contain synthetic binders, parabens, glycerin or artificial colors & flavorings.

Power Your Products with OleoCBD™

If you’re looking for the most effective, best tasting, and safest cannabinoid products possible then you need to be using products Powered by OLEO™.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with good manufacturing practices in certified food safe facilities.

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