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OLEO™ was founded in 2015 in Seattle, Washington. At the time, CBD products on the market had an unpleasant bitter aftertaste, contained questionable ingredients, or were inconvenient to take on-the-go. We love hiking, biking, and running so it seemed like there had to be an easier, more effective way of consuming CBD.
We set out to create something that we would use ourselves and be happy to share with our friends and family: products to renew the body and revive the mind. Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping people enjoy their lives and reach their fullest physical potential. Click team portraits to learn more

Skyler Bissell

CEO & Co-Founder
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix, always iced About me: The greatest intention is living in the present moment – that power is within us all. I love cycling, spending time with friends, and playing with cats. Dogs are O.K., too.

Derick Anderson

COO & Co-Founder
Favorite OLEO Drink: Passion Fruit About me: I’m passionate about chemistry and woodworking. I own an assortment of exotic fish and enjoy creating beautiful environments for them.

Ray Martinez

Executive VP Sales
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix (especially in coffee!) About me: I’m a proud Dad of two amazing adult girls and married to my bride of 31 years. I’m a sports junkie and enjoy golfing, although my handicap is getting worse the more I play. Weird factoid: My wife and I eat dinner in restaurant bars so we can watch sports. One unique accomplishment is getting my wife to play golf and fantasy football!

Henry Sanborn

National Account Manager
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix About me: I’m constantly navigating life’s shifting winds — a truly dramatic sway between tragic and comic. Being active, eating wonderful food, and meeting new people keeps me ticking. A social animal to say the least.

David Parker

Territory Manager
Favorite OLEO Drink: Raspberry Rooibos About me: I am very passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. I have been studying natural solutions to heal and enhance the body and the mind since I was in high school. It is my purpose to make a positive and meaningful impact in the world and inspire people to live their best lives. Success doesn’t make a person happy. Progress does. – Anthony Robbins

Damien Garcia

Web Developer & Designer
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix in smoothies About me: I’m originally from San Diego, CA and can honestly say I don’t miss the sun or mind the rain one bit. In my free time I enjoy playing music, getting outdoors to hike or paddleboard, and reading biographies or the latest science fiction novel.

Riley Walund

Marketing Coordinator
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix About me: I consider myself to be an “80’s sneaker head” (I collect sneakers from the 1980s). I have been known to play a sea green Danelectro guitar and sing songs about gummy worms and basic mathematics. I am a fan of stand-up comedy, the triple-axel, and live music. I love living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and spend as much time in nature as possible.

Deborah Dea

Favorite OLEO Drink: Raspberry Rooibos About me: “Life is like accounting, everything must be balanced” … I love playing with my cats, watching my Raiders win on Sundays, and spending time with a good book!

Jason Jones

Territory Manager
Favorite OLEO Drink: CBD Boost+ (I like it with everything) About me: “You’re either in the huddle or out the huddle” Life is short, so I make the most of it. Being a present person in all facets of my Life, Children, Work, Friends and New Relationships. #BoatLyfe


Fulfillment Manager
Favorite OLEO Drink: Original Mix (aka CBD Boost+), for whatever flavor I fancy in the moment About me: In my spare time, I watch movies, memorize inconsequential movie trivia, brew beer, ride Motorcycles, practice extreme politics, and practice with firearms, but try not to do them all at the same time.

Audrey Zimmerman

Events Coordinator
Favorite OLEO Drink: Coconut Mix About me: Enthusiast of mom jeans and dad jokes. I enjoy hiking, yoga, volunteering and live music. I am fortunate enough to have traveled to nearly 30 countries but the PNW will always be home for me. “A trying time is no time to quit trying.”

Jessica Gobler

Operations Lead
Favorite OLEO Drink: Tangerine Rooibos! About me: I love challenging myself. I am an avid yogi, ultra trail runner, and “Friends” junkie. I love my rescue cat, interior decorating, and laughing with friends. One of the most impactful moments in my life is solo hiking the Grand Canyon from South to North Rim and suggest the adventure to everyone.

What’s your passion?

We spend long hours solving challenging problems because we love what we do. Our company culture is rooted in treating each other like we would wish to be treated. That means great benefits, caring atmosphere, and opportunity for advancement. If that sounds like you, we would love to meet. SEND US YOUR RESUME