Does Hemp Extract Contain CBD?

We get this question a lot from our customers. In most cases, a product labeled as ‘hemp extract’ will contain cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids. This is true because CBD is found throughout the hemp plant, thus an extract from the plant should contain CBD. One exception is hemp seed oil – it does not contain CBD and is not much different than other oils made from nuts or seeds.

How Is Hemp Extract Different Than CBD?

All CBD can technically be classified as a hemp extract because it is extracted and refined from the hemp plant. There are varying degrees of extract refinement that determine how much CBD is actually in the extract. When you hear the term ‘Hemp Extract Isolate‘ or ‘CBD Isolate‘  the CBD content is likely +95%. The term isolate refers to an extract that has been purified to specifically isolate a desired molecule – in this case it is CBD. Conversely, a ‘hemp extract’ without the word isolate is a less purified form of the extract. The concentration of CBD in this form varies by a larger margin, but generally will contain 35-55% CBD – the rest of the extract is comprised of other plant matter such as lipids, terpenes, waxes etc..

Hemp Extract Products:

If you see a product that says ’25mg hemp extract’, then it is likely to be 50% CBD which is ~12.5mg CBD.

Hemp Extract Isolate Products:

Conversely, If you see a product that says  ’25mg hemp extract isolate‘ than it is likely to be +95% CBD which is ~25mg of CBD.

  • Hemp Extract Isolate CBD Content 98%
  • Hemp Extract CBD Content 50%
  • Hemp Seed Oil CBD Content 0%

Why do companies market CBD differently?

Many companies have opted to market their products under the term ‘hemp extract’ because most larger companies specifically forbid the use of CBD in products. For example, U.S credit card merchants will not process transactions for websites that market CBD products, but they will for products made with hemp extracts. Large retailers such as Amazon, and Ebay also forbid products that market CBD, but they will allow hemp extract products.


How can I know for sure how much CBD is in a product?

 As an informed consumer you should always look to buy products that provide test results. One of the things you’ll notice when you browse our products is the attached Certificate of Analysis (COA) – this shows what is in the product. A company that doesn’t readily provide a COA for their product is potentially obfuscating something.


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