Original Mix Flavorless CBD Additive – Jar (30 Servings)

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Original Mix Flavorless CBD Additive – Jar (30 Servings)

Looking for the best CBD recovery supplement? Our flavorless CBD additive dissolves rapidly in cold water and comes in a 30 serving jar containing 25mg of CBD per serving (750mg total). Made with our patent-pending micro-encapsulation process, OleoCBD™ is more bioaccessible to your body which leads to faster absorption and relief.

It’s high bioaccessibility makes it one of the best CBD recovery supplements on the market today. Add it to your morning smoothie, soup, drinks or anything else you can think of!


One of the best CBD recovery supplements available today

Whether you are a bodybuilder or practice yoga, are a runner or work in an office, your body can benefit from the effects of a CBD recovery supplement. With all our Powered by OLEO products, we infuse each serving of our recovery supplements with 25mg of Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD™).

Our products contain zero THC making them a safe and effective option for anyone looking to benefit from the therapeutic attributes of CBD.

The best CBD recovery supplement


THC Free

Our CBD is a non-intoxicating dietary supplement and is approved for use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


GMO Free

We don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our products.

OLEO CBD Is Gluten Free

Gluten Free

OLEO products contain absolutely no gluten and are completely safe for a gluten free diet.



There are no animal by-products in any of our CBD drink mixes.

CBD Powder vs Oils

Our micro-encapsulated CBD process allows your body to absorb the benefits of CBD up to three times faster than typical oils and isolates. Uptake begins via mucous membranes in the mouth long before oils begin absorbing in the intestines. And unlike competitor products, ours will dissolve completely in cold water.

Add this to your daily routine and get the benefits of CBD today!

CBD Powder vs Oil

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Weight70 g
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in

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