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CBD Boost+

Looking for the best CBD recovery supplement? Our flavorless CBD additive dissolves rapidly in cold water and comes in a 30 serving jar containing 25mg of CBD per serving (750mg total). Made with our patent-pending micro-encapsulation process, OleoCBD™ is more bioaccessible to your body which leads to faster absorption and relief.

It’s high bioaccessibility makes it one of the best CBD recovery supplements on the market today. Add it to your morning smoothie, soup, drinks or anything else you can think of!


One of the best CBD recovery supplements available today

Whether you are a bodybuilder or practice yoga, are a runner or work in an office, your body can benefit from the effects of a CBD recovery supplement. With all our Powered by OLEO products, we infuse each serving of our recovery supplements with 25mg of Micro-Encapsulated CBD (OleoCBD™). Our products contain zero THC making them a safe and effective option for anyone looking to benefit from the therapeutic attributes of CBD.
OleoCBD is 99% pure CBD isolate

Our CBD is a non-intoxicating dietary supplement and is approved for use by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
We don’t use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our products.
OLEO CBD Is Gluten Free
OLEO products contain absolutely no gluten and are completely safe for a gluten free diet.
There are no animal by-products in any of our CBD drink mixes.

CBD Powder vs Oils

Our micro-encapsulated CBD process allows your body to absorb the benefits of CBD up to three times faster than typical oils and isolates. Uptake begins via mucous membranes in the mouth long before oils begin absorbing in the intestines. And unlike competitor products, ours will dissolve completely in cold water. Add this to your daily routine and get the benefits of CBD today!
CBD Powder vs Oil

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Test Results

79 reviews for CBD Boost+

  1. Brandon B

    Super dope product guys. Keep it up

  2. Erika

    I love it! So worth it!

  3. Alan

    Awesome benefits and fast acting CBDs.

  4. Breanne

    Simply amazing. Such a game changer for life and workouts.

  5. Sandra

    The best value and the product is top quality.

  6. Dexter Lamie

    I think the price could definitely be cheaper but overall great product . I want more!

  7. Melissa Linde

    Great product and service!

  8. Zach Silk

    So far, so good. It’s an easy, simple application. It’s a reasonably good value. There are tinctures that sell for less per serving.

  9. Jl


  10. Angeliz

    I felt no taste, which is awesome so I can add it to anything. 😀

  11. Alexis Scanlon

    We are using this product on our 12 yo German Shorthaired pointer and the results hs e been amazing. Heartily recommend this.

  12. John Hansen

    I learned of your product from your Dad (I think) on a Vietnam Veteran’s FB page. I am so happy that I did and also learned that CBD products can be purchased at places other than CA licensed dispensaries … I had know idea. Thanks for the terrific product, it helps me through the day to moderate the intensities of my project schedules, deadlines & consultants. I think it is the added strength, that I have found the others did not. Thanks.

  13. Marcella Francis

    I am hoping that some of the stores here begin to carry your product!

  14. Rishi Ramkissoon

    I switched from vape back to this. Easily dissolved, easy to dose.

  15. Nannette Nelson

    EXCELLENT HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT! Love the new size!!!!

  16. Joshua

    Excellent company, excellent products, excellent customer service!

  17. Sandra Lee

    I’m not in S Dakota. Residence in Cocolalla, ID.

  18. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Great product fast shipping good company

  19. Karin Gonzales (verified owner)

    Always courteous, good customer service, fast shipping and one of the biggest plus, Oleo listens to their customers. This product by far is the most versatile and effective. I love that it has no flavor and can be added to foods and drinks and not change the taste. I’m so excited they offer the larger size and single serving size now. We have been using oleo for a few years now and it’s still the best, the quality is amazing.
    Keep up the good work and please, don’t ever, ever discontinue this product!

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Tamarrah (verified owner)

    I love this cbd it helps a lot with my general aches and pains

  22. Yvette Goycoochea (verified owner)

    I really like this product. I use it everyday for nagging shoulder and ankle injuries and it definitely helps take the edge off. I use both the jar for when I feel I need a little more mg in a serving and the travel pack are great to throw in my purse when I’m out. For my next subscription order I’m going to try the flavored products. One thing I will say is it dissolves faster in hot beverages but when I use in cold drinks I let it sit for 3-5 minutes and it’s completely dissolved.

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Add to anything! I love it in my morning coffee.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. susan martin (verified owner)

    Your products really help my [Medical Reference Removed per FDA]

  26. BASHA (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great with morning coffee or smoothie!

  28. Doug (verified owner)

    Since taking Oleo CBD I’ve noticed a marked reduction in my [Medical Reference Removed per FDA]. Great price compared to many CBD oils on the market as well. Highly recommend!

  29. Trina (verified owner)

    I’m happy to have discovered OLEO CBD boost from my local coffee shop. I started adding a packet to my coffee each morning for a little over a week now and I’ve noticed an uptick in my focus/daily productivity 🙂

  30. Julian C. (verified owner)

    Great for after a hard workout!

  31. Valerie (verified owner)

    This is very helpful to my daughter [Medical Reference Removed per FDA]. We were also blown away by how fast it arrived!

  32. Theresa R. (verified owner)

    It’s a wonderful product that works very well but the price is very high. I would have given it five stars if not for the price. That being said, cbd has changed my life. [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] Thankyou Oleo.

  33. John A. (verified owner)

  34. Lindsey (verified owner)

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love CBD Boost!

  36. Tamarah C. (verified owner)

    Love to add this to my hydration ALL day…it’s changed my life. So easy!

  37. Ronald (verified owner)

    While I ordered CBD Boost+ online the turn around was very quick. Ordered on 09/13/2020 and received on 09/16/2020. Have not had the pleasure of speaking with a representative but I am positive the customer service would be outstanding. Thank you for the quick turn around on my order.

  38. Matthew C. (verified owner)

    This has been a great addition to my daily routine! It gives me a calming sensation but not cloudy! Love the product!

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love how this is tasteless/odorless. I saw an improvement in my son’s behavior within a month so I signed up for the monthly deal. So far so good. Happy customer here.

  40. Rebecca O. (verified owner)

    I felt like it had me very relaxed but also focused. Sometimes the powder clumps in drinks or sticks to the bag it comes in. A little pricey for cbd, but most cbd products are.Otherwise its great and I will definitely buy again!

  41. Ronald (verified owner)

    Great Product and Great Customer Service

  42. Marcella F. (verified owner)

    Calming in my coffee.

  43. Lizette (verified owner)

    Just amazing

  44. Basha Osinski (verified owner)

    Customer service was great. Delivery was really fast, and I love the product. I tried it first at my local coffee stand, and I had a wonderful day.

  45. Ryan (verified owner)

    This has been so helpful, I no longer take ibuprofen for my bad back/neck. I love it.

  46. Jessica (verified owner)

  47. Christa (verified owner)

    I absolutely think it makes a difference when I drink it before a run.

  48. Cindy T. (verified owner)

    Works great. Dissolves good. Super fast delivery from Oleo. I’ll be ordering again.

  49. Nate P. (verified owner)

    Great for winding down after a stressful day – really helps give me a great night’s sleep and relieves chronic [Medical Reference Removed per FDA].

  50. Tiana M. (verified owner)

    I originally ordered the pack of 10 because I wasn’t sure how I would like this CBD, but it’s been so awesome. It dissolves really well in tea before bed and I sleep great.

  51. Sandra Lee (verified owner)

    Consistently the best CBD ever!

  52. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! Dissolves easily in any drink with zero flavor. By far the easiest way for me and my family to enjoy the positive benefits CBD has to offer! I make sure I never run out of this. Thank you Oleo!!

  53. Chris Farmer (verified owner)

    powder far exceeded any CBD supp I have had yet…highly recommend

  54. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Is as advertised: no flavor and dissolves well in water. Also had a question and it was answered in a timely manner via LiveChat on the Oleo website.

  55. Sandra L. (verified owner)

    This was a present for my cousin. Ease of ordering and product quality are consistently 5 stars!

  56. Jennifer B. (verified owner)

    I received the 10 count box for a Christmas present and needed more! There’s more mg per packet in this brand than the brand I bought before, so the price makes up for that. I’m beyond happy with this purchase and will make more in the future.

  57. Karen (verified owner)

    This is a life changer. So glad we found your product.

  58. Susan L. (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried this one before but my daughter has and loves the no flavor option to add to any beverage.

  59. Anaya D. (verified owner)

    The CBD boost really helps with [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] I’ve had from work related accident and works really well for end of day of being on my feet all day. It’s great to put in my coffee or smoothies. I’ve already told my coworkers and they’ve already started ordering:) Thank you for coming out with such a great product. I look forward to trying the flavored products.

  60. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the easy mix. I can tell when I miss a day…

  61. monica h. (verified owner)

    I never used any CBD products and my friend recommended OLEO products to get me started. I appreciate the recommendation because I ordered this Boost powder and love it! No flavor so I can add it to bubbly water or anything else. I enjoy the powder and feel better after using it – I highly recommend this product.

  62. Anthony (verified owner)

    I use a CBD balm in addition to your product prior to workout due to a shoulder impingement. Your product seems to give a lift without sugar content and I am satisfied with the product and cost.

  63. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

    I’m super happy I found Oleo! I’ve been on the ‘CBD kick’ + it’s made my days smoother (and mellows me out) so I can be productive in both life & my business. I love that I can add it to my kombucha & morning teas too. And I’m stoked to help support a small business that’s creating better health for people. Thank you!!

  64. Chris F. (verified owner)

  65. Danielle F. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and amazing results from this CBD! I have tried many other, but this is by far my favorite! Getting ready to order my second box now 🙂

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

  67. Rena (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product. Great absorption. Always helps me recover or feel relief from [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] . Absorbs beautifully into any drink. Will buy again and again.

  68. Anne C. (verified owner)

  69. Danielle F. (verified owner)

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying a CBD product and I love it, it really makes a difference with my [Medical Reference Removed per FDA]!

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

  72. Ryan C. (verified owner)

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It really has zero taste and has been helping my [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] a ton!

  74. John (verified owner)

  75. Terry Spencer (verified owner)

    This my second order of Oleo Boost+ CBD powder.
    Having lived with chronic [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] for over 40 years,
    I had to finally try a different approach to [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] relief. Your product does give me some [Medical Reference Removed per FDA]relief.

  76. Glenn Chambers (verified owner)

    Your product is good. Your recent software update has been a problem. First you quit shipping. Then You wanted your users to resubmit their payment information. I had a lot of problems signing in and the process to me was clunky. Contacted your customer service several times. They were responsive and helpful.

    I ordered 5 containers. You billed me for 5 but only shipped 4. Of course your customer service was again very responsive and shipped the additional unit. First shipping error you have made since I have buying from you.

    In my prior life implementation of software was part of my responsibilities. I would say that this was a learning experience for your company. Whoever you used to implement the software in a dynamic environment didn’t get the job done.Hopefully thIngs will get ironed out and we can get back to normal.

  77. Administrator (store manager)

    Hey Glenn, thank you taking the time to leave this review. We apologize and own up to the fact that our restructuring process has been difficult and we came up short here. We are striving to rebuild what the pandemic impacted and appreciate your belief in us!

    We are dedicated to getting everything right and believe we now have the right team to do so 🙂

  78. Michelle Frustere (verified owner)

    Perfect for pre-workout! Helps with overall endurance and recovery!

  79. Deann (verified owner)

    I love this product! I use every morning in my coffee religiously. I have suffered from [Medical Reference Removed per FDA], but using this before I get going for the day has helped me out tremendously. I’m so thankful for Oleo and their point system has made the product more affordable and realistic in our budget. I am also appreciating the sales that come up and opportunities to by more bottles at a lower cost. Thank you Oleo!

  80. Karen H. (verified owner)

    Just to say this product is amazing and my [Medical Reference Removed per FDA] is greatly improved.

    An added note is that this company goes above and beyond for its customers. We greatly appreciate the people who work there and the management.
    You have a great product and I am Blessed that we found it.
    Karen H.

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